Protein Assay Reagent A #5000113

Bicinchoninic Acid Protein Assay Reagent A

P8101-050 450ml
EUR 225.6

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the protein assay reagent a #5000113 reagents distributed by Genprice. The Protein Assay Reagent A #5000113 reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact protein assay. Other Protein products are available in stock. Specificity: Protein Category: Assay Group: Reagent A

AlamarBlue Cell Viability Assay Reagent

EUR 338.4

Nitrite Assay Kit (Griess Reagent)

EUR 901.2

Nitrite Assay Kit (Griess Reagent)

EUR 320.4

Nitrite Assay Kit (Griess Reagent)

EUR 529.2

Detection Reagent A

120 ul
EUR 385.2

Mouse IgG Blocking Reagent

20 mg
EUR 309.6
Description: Mouse IgG (H + L) Blocking Reagent

human granzyme B activity assay reagent set

2 plates 192 assays
EUR 660

Reagent A information

Protein A&G Agarose IP Reagent

abx097212-2ml 2 ml
EUR 326.4

DNA Topoisomerase I assay reagent Set for HTS (enzyme not included)

DRA1000 1000 assays
EUR 452.05
Description: This product includes the reaction buffer and fluorescence dye H19 for 1000 assays of DNA relaxation reactions in a 96-well plate assay format or 2000 assays in a 384-well assay format.

Human Topoisomerase II DNA Decatenation Assay Reagent Set (enzyme not included)

HDC100 100 assays
EUR 423.74
Description: This product includes the reaction buffer, spin columns and loading solution for 100 assays of DNA decatenation reactions. Enzyme and concatenated DNA are not included in the set.

Detection Reagent A

abx296004-120ul 120 ul
EUR 385.2

FRAP Reagent A, 1.4ML

C148-1.4ML 1.4ML
EUR 150

Color Reagent A, 5ML

X092-5ML 5ML
EUR 48

Color Reagent A, 15ML

X094-15ML 15ML
EUR 59

Color Reagent A, 38ML

X094-38ML 38ML
EUR 120

Nitrate Reagent A - 10mL

EUR 26.33

Protein G Agarose IP Reagent

abx097211-2ml 2 ml
EUR 326.4

EP Reagent Biuret Reagent

1011601 1L
EUR 52.8

EP Reagent Iodoplatinate Reagent

1046300 200ML
EUR 446.4

EP Reagent Molybdovanadic Reagent

1056700 100ML
EUR 52.8

Universal Protein Precipitating Reagent

BSP012 100preps
EUR 97.58

EP Reagent Methoxyphenylacetic Reagent

1053601 100ML
EUR 435.6

EP Reagent Sulfomolybdic Reagent R3

1086500 1L
EUR 354

EZLys? Yeast Protein Extraction Reagent

8003-100 each
EUR 222