Picolorlock Gold Reagent

Tris - Biotech Grade

TB0196 500g
EUR 86.1

Expedeon Biotech Inc. Laboratories manufactures the picolorlock gold reagent reagents distributed by Genprice. The Picolorlock Gold Reagent reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Expedeon Biotech Inc.. Other Picolorlock products are available in stock. Specificity: Picolorlock Category: Gold Group: Reagent

JBS True Blue

EUR 13.7

JBS True Blue

300 µl
EUR 16
Description: JBS True Blue

True Blue Chloride

EUR 11200
Description: 71431-30-6

Innova Shaker S44i inc - EACH

EUR 26698.95

Antibody Dilution and Stabilizer Reagent 10X

25 mL
EUR 32.46

Antibody Dilution and Stabilizer Reagent 10X

100 mL
EUR 69.62

Rabbit and Mouse Detection Reagent (HRP)

100 µg
EUR 1837.5

Reagent information

TDA Reagent

R036-10ML 1 unit
EUR 5.22
Description: TDA Reagent

PYR Reagent

R043-10ML 1 unit
EUR 12.02
Description: PYR Reagent

Reagent pack

A11-100 1 unit
EUR 123

pNPP Reagent

GWB-Q00238 100 ml Ask for price

pNPP Reagent

GWB-Q00239 500 ml Ask for price

Traut's Reagent

2330-1000 each
EUR 418.8

Traut's Reagent

2330-500 each
EUR 248.4

Gibbs reagent

573630 1.0g
EUR 295

Lloyd Reagent

L04655 500G
EUR 307.17

VeZol Reagent

R411-01 100 ml
EUR 76.4

VeZol Reagent

R411-02 200 ml
EUR 127.6

O’Meara Reagent

R031-100ML 1 unit
EUR 5.56
Description: O’Meara Reagent

DMACA Reagent

R035-10ML 1 unit
EUR 9.92
Description: DMACA Reagent

Folin's Reagent

ML059-125ML 1 unit
EUR 31.47
Description: Folin's Reagent

Folin's Reagent

ML059-250ML 1 unit
EUR 57.09
Description: Folin's Reagent

Tebbe's Reagent

T012880 10ml
EUR 339
Description: 67719-69-1

Gibbs reagent

T7852-10mg 10mg Ask for price
Description: Gibbs reagent